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Battery Electric Locomotive (LEA 01) - Li-ION

Operating principle

The product meets the vital requirements of Romanian railway companies, development and modernization respectively efficiency of costs for performers on railways in Romania, having the approval of Romanian Railway Authority for critical railway service.

Battery Electric Locomotive is designed for shunting services on uninteroperable railway lines for a maximum tonnage hauled of 2,500 tons and maximum speed of 30 km / h. The power source is provided by lithium-ion batteries that are dimensioned according to the application that uses the locomotive, autonomy being between 12-24 h. Charging the battery is made from an exterior source of 3x400 V 50 Hz properly dimensioned battery capacity, charge time from 20% to 100% is approx. 2h. Asynchronous traction motor power is selected depending on the application that the locomotive is used for.

It can be configured with or without driving cab. To increase autonomy and improve performance, the product can be equipped with a generator, this way the locomotive become hybrid.

Transforming hydraulic diesel locomotive in Battery Electric Locomotive consists of:
  • replacing diesel hydraulic propulsion with electric propulsion
  • proper equipment and modifying of auxiliary service
  • using the same running gear, the binding and collision device
  • designing and installing a new reducing gear
  • chassis ballast to ensure mass necessary to obtaion a suitable adherent (LEA tonnage = 70 ±3% t)
  • possibility of elimination of local control, the movement of the locomotive being performed through radio remote control
  • Inda s.r.l.
  • proiectsifurnizorsistem de propulsieelectrica
  • Integral Consulting R&D s.r.l.
  • project and provider electropneumatic and control equipment
  • Resita Reductoares.a.
  • project and provider for reducing gear
  • Electric Engine Providers
  • Valiadis s.a.pentru M.E. 132 kW
  • Linex Wolf s.a.pentru M.E. 155 kW
AFER - Involvement by supervision and approval

Variants in which the product can be realized:

  1. With external and mobile power supply
  2. With power supply with batteries and charging fixed source
  3. With power supply with batteries and a generator for keeping battery charging
  4. With or without driving cab
  5. With or without remote control
  6. With maximum speed between 3-30 km / h (electronically-limited)
  • Eliminate consumption of diesel fuel and lubricants and implicity costs and environmental consequences
  • Superior reliability compared to DHL 1250 HP locomotive
  • Improved efficiency
  • Low operating and maintenance costs
  • Safety, security and quality for operators and the enviroment
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